Sunday, October 11, 2009

Joe's Farm Grill

I'd say this was one of Gilbert's best kept secrets; but the last few times we've been there it has been packed- so clearly the secret is out.

Amidst what seems to be the last working farm in Maricopa county sits a house that's been converted into a futurist art deco enviromentally friendly burger joint.

A mouthful, yes. Figuratively and literally.

This place is just oozing with cool ideas. From the indoor/outdoor order and pick up windows, the back patio condiment/soda fountain extravaganza, the living room that's been converted to a dining area complete with family photos still hanging above the fireplace, the picnic tables, the garden, the farmer's market, and the coffee shop... need I say more?

They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner- and this time of year when it's gorgeous all day; take advantage of their outdoor seating.

I recommend the bacon bbq blue burger (with fries of course, regular or sweet potato). But they also serve vegetables right off the farm and a plethora of other side items to fit your earth friendly pallate.

They source out local products, grow whatever they can on their farm, and refuse to use pre-processed foods.

Their motto is "common food done uncommonly well." I think they definitely hit that ball out of the park.


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