Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Parlor

Things tend to happen when Richard and I are together.

On our last day off, we were hoping to get down to St. Francis- a fairly new restaurant in Phoenix that we've been hearing great things about.

We made it down there with only one problem- it's closed on Mondays. (hence why this blog isn't titled St. Francis).

Anyway, earlier that same day a friend of Richard's had sent him a text that he was eating at "The Parlor." Neither of us had any idea what that was. But driving back down Camelback from St. Francis, defeated and wondering where to eat I noticed a small red neon sign. It read "The Parlor."

Things like that happen. You hear about a place, you hear someone mention something about someone- and suddenly there you are, driving right past it... it's weird. But kind of cosmic. So how could we not go in.

Now I'll admit, even though it probably makes me look a little less intelligent than... well any other human- that I didn't realize it was a pizza "parlor. "

But what a great name.

It had a very modern look. Stone walls, custom wood doors, and this wall/window- which seemed like an homage to Frank Lloyd Wright.

And as it turned it out, the owner was also an architect. Actually the son of the family who originated Nello's- an Arizona pizza landmark.

After learning the ropes of the family business and pursuing his love of architecture, he decided to meld the two passions and open his own place.

And this was it. It was exactly what you'd expect from a neighborhood pizza place designed by an architect; good food, great beer, and a stellar atmosphere.

Nothing about it was amazing- it wasn't the best pizza I'd ever had or service that I'd write home about.

But it was fun. Fun to look at, fun to eat, and a fun place to hang out in.

If you're looking for a spot to grab a classy pitcher of beer on a casual night with friends or family- this is a great place to try.

Get the smokey. Prosciutto on anything is just plain delicious.


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